Every legal issue that arises in your business has the potential to become a problem that defines your company’s reputation, leads to subsequent lawsuits, and burns bridges with important players in your industry. Whether your company is the target of a lawsuit or you need to take legal action against a rival company, Sanchez, Mitchell, Eastman, & Cure, PSC has the experience and knowledge needed to prevail in your commercial litigation case.

Types of Commercial Litigation Cases We Take

Many commercial and corporate battles are fought on a legal stage, and as a result, we have helped clients achieve favorable results in many commercial disputes. We stand ready to help with many types of cases, including:

  • Breach of contract and other contract issues
  • Partnership/shareholder disputes
  • Antitrust and trade actions
  • Franchising issues
  • Corporate management disputes
  • Business dissolutions
  • Merger and acquisition issues
  • Tortious interference

Our commercial litigation knowledge and experience reaches far beyond the scope of this list, extending into local, state, and federal disputes between corporations.

Effective Strategies at Every Step of Litigation

At Sanchez, Mitchell, Eastman, & Cure, PSC, we know what is at stake when one of our clients is targeted by a lawsuit. When we are defending a client against a lawsuit, we strive to tie up cases quickly with a motion to dismiss. By proving that the opposing side’s argument has no merit or cause, we save many business owners from the financial fallout of a long trial and the stress of a drawn-out trial that often plays out in the media and weakens their company’s reputation.

If a case is not dismissed before trial and goes to court, we use a range of defense strategies to weaken the other side’s case, demonstrate your company’s adherence to local and federal statutes, and fight to protect your best interests.

If you’re involved in a commercial dispute in which your business has been wronged by another company, we will seek justice for you via legal avenues. Failing to respond swiftly and aggressively to those who would harm your business leaves you open to additional mistreatment. Taking legal action can help you recover damages caused by the other company’s actions and discourage other similar actions by competitors.

No matter what the facts behind a case are, we approach them the same way. We aim to understand the other party’s motivation, what they hope to gain from a lawsuit or what caused them to act in a way that caused your company to pursue legal action, and figure out their courtroom strategy. With this set of principles, we strive to get a favorable outcome for every commercial lawsuit with minimal stress and time on our client’s part.

Claims Involving Government Agencies

Some types of corporate lawsuits put you at odds with government agencies. In particular, antitrust lawsuits strive to prevent monopolies and maintain an environment that supports healthy competition. If another company has accused you of violating antitrust laws, not only do you need to defend yourself against their claims, you’ll likely be subject to investigation by one or more government agencies. The consequences of these investigations can be disastrous for businesses; you could be subject to massive fines, temporary shutdowns, or permanent closure of your business. Even an accusation of an antitrust violation can be enough to ruin a company’s reputation.

If you’re fighting both a corporate lawsuit and trying to handle a government investigation, we will be there every step of the way. Our team knows what these investigations try to uncover, and we will work vigorously to defend your business and wrap up the investigation as quickly as possible.

Corporate litigation is a fact of life for many business owners. If you want to protect your company’s growth and finances, you need a strong legal team that’s committed to your success. Get help with your commercial disputes now—call Sanchez, Mitchell, Eastman, & Cure, PSC at 360-479-3000 to discuss your current issue.